Your event in France with our 2cv’s ! 2cv hiring for special business events

original idea for business event, 2cv party

original idea for business event, 2cv party

« Do you want to hire a classic car for your Wedding, Product and Event Launches, PR and Marketing Campaigns, Promotional Opportunities, Corporate Parties, Meetings or Conferences and many other special events ?

Whether it’s for a couple of hours, a day or long weekend, DIABOLO is the place to find and hire that special classic car, the famous and mythical Citroen 2CV’s.

We aim to be very flexible in meeting your wishes. We will provide daily routes from short and easy to longer and more ambitious challenges, in order to explore all the wonderful french countryside surroundings in a full 4-seat convertible with the canvas roof rolled back that make touring on our small, quiet roads a real delight.

We have plenty of experience of helping you to customize your event into the pleasure of driving an authentic old French car on the wonderful roads of BEAUJOLAIS region. Don’t forget your sun hat and Bonne Route ! »

Ballade en 2cv!

Enjoy a two-hour ride in the 2CV

You have two hours to spend on your recreational activity and you want to make an impression?

So, go for a ride with your team!

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business event in 2cv car

business event in 2cv car

Legendary hiking

Recreational and tourist car ride in the French 2cv.

How about getting away from everything for a day?

Are you looking for new experiences, surprises and adventures?

Choose a day for a ride in a 2CV !

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2CV car fleet for your pleasure and your events!

Would you like to spend time with the famous and extraordinary 2cv?

Do you want to be on display with the 2Cv during a show, a VIP conveyor or a promotion?

The bold 2CV, is the freedom formula: you organize your events and we provide you with our cars!

To get more informations please contact us.
So call us now at +33(0) 4 74 08 49 38  or send your enquiry to to discover our different packages to an unforgettable adventure with our famous cars……